Monday, January 19, 2009

Web Design 2 : Site map & moodboard

01. Mood Board

The concept behind the mood board is to show the warm colors and oriental design that the site tried to portray and failed. in my redesign i will fully utilize the color palette to give it a homely feel to it.

In the mood board there is also an example of how the site structure looks likes which remains to be neat and simple.

02. Site map

Monday, January 12, 2009

Web Design 2 : Corporate

*edited on 19th January 2009

Project Concept Proposal

Poh Kong Jewelers

Client url:

From the feedback that I have collected, I have found out that the current website which is is lacking a lot in depth of design and user interaction. The pro’s of the webpage remains to be their navigation which is direct and simple. For this project, the main purpose it to redesign it to establish a great depth of design so that users can relate to it more and not just for convenience but build a relation to it.

The scope of this project is to renew a well known brand that has been in the market for a time and is well known to the Malaysian people. I will start off by introducing a user interface that allows users to view product in their actual size and to give them a selected price range menu which is lacking in many of the jewelers web site.

Next would be establish a design which the users can relate to and feel right at home.

The limit to this page would be in it’s design sense and navigation as we do not wish to confuse or irritate the users by over clouding the design. Our design aim is simple, to produce a web page which is simple and has a warm and homely relationship. The webpage in whole however aims to keep the users here and gain new one’s as we move on.

01. Client Website
Brief overview
- too plain and simple
-navigation isnt interesting
-too much product info

Site Analysis


- Site is neat and clean

- Navigation is clearly marked out and accessible

- Sufficient information is provided to help users to access the company and their product

- They have a feedback form which many jewelers does not have

- Product are well documented


- Site design is dull and deflects users to have a connection with it

- It only fulfill the very basic of user interaction and more can be added

- Highlights and news can’t be tab into new window because it is flash based

- Store location can be further enhance by inserting a site map

- Product can be viewed in full

Overall Site analysis

The site is sufficient at the basic level but it leave nothing to be desired for, it will only fulfill its duty which is to inform people who is in need of the information but will not keep them there or to reel them back. User interaction will be greatly introduce such as booklet download, memberships, customer support and product interaction. Open search on major search engine shows poh kong as the top of the list and users count is desirable.

Short and long term site goals

Our long term goal is to open a relationship to the users so that they will stay as loyal customers. The short term goal is to lead users to the promotion that is going on which aims at seasonal promotions.

Target Audience

The target audience for this site is clearly noted on their navigation, company profile and site design which is users at the age of mid 30’s till late 50’s in other words matured adults.

02. Competitors Website
-simple and plain, plays alot on white balance

-product are shown big and clear
-they dont show the complete product, use alot of close up images
-info is hard to read
-dramatic design
-the design is not consistent
-layout isnt consistent as well
-infomation arent well placed
-layout is consistent and good use of black on black
-product promotion dont go well with the design
-navigation is easy to use

03. Corporate websites
-nice use of vector images
-centralize placement for the layout
-design is clean and simple
-the use of flash to make the site active adds energy
-simplicity and clean colors goes well together
-interactive flash menu make good navigation
-black on blue fits a corporate site well
-a corporate site that isnt boring and has a fun interactive game to it
-text placement is easy to read and navigate
-design isnt well balance and the layout isnt consistent
-nice blend of color
-great mood and feel

04. Web tutorials and links
html library

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design tutorials

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